A digital innovation centre dedicated to training and learning

The Luxembourg Media and Digital Design Centre (LMDDC) is an Economic Interest Grouping gathering the Ministry of Education, youth and childhood (MENEJ), and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR), and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), created to support national activities related to digital learning and to operate a central service and innovation platform.

Our missions

Operating and developing a hosting platform for digital learning and to offer data and system interoperability services between stakeholders in the Luxembourg ecosystem.

Assisting our partners to design and produce innovative digital media and content for online and in-situ digital learning

Providing advisory services and technical assistance to support innovation in digital learning and its implementation.

Carrying out technology and business intelligence as well as dissemination activities in digital learning.

Our team

Thibaud Latour
Managing Director

Research in Computer Sciences
Knowledge Technologies
EdTech R&D
Cognitive Environnements

Pierre de La Celle
Platform Manager

Network and Multilmedia
Open Source Technologies
Web and Digital Industry
EdTech/LMS Expert

Michalis Spyropoulos
Project and Partnership Manager

Interdisciplinary Researcher
Partnerships et Business Development
Project Management
Knowledge Dissemination

Györgyi Szakmár
Multimedia design manager

Digital Media Design
Pedagogical Design
Game-based Learning

We are hiring!

The LMDDC team is currently being built around its core missions, starting with those who will shape the backbone of the EIG. If you are passionate about innovative digital technologies; about the application of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things or Augmented Reality to learning and training, both in terms of production and delivery platforms or design and media production; if Open Source, interoperability and metadata speak to you; if you are a team player and want to contribute to the promotion of technological innovation by connecting Luxembourg and European actors around digital learning; come and join us to participate in the LMDDC adventure.

We are looking for visionary, creative and motivated men and women.

Instructional Design Engineer

With our partners, you design impactful, immersive, engaging and effective digital learning experiences, aligning pedagogical modalities with relevant digital technologies. You analyse the lastest developements in digital pedagogy and related technologies to ensure proper knowledge dissemination to LMDDC's partners.

Full-time permanent position

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Multimedia Designer

You design and produce high-end visual and animated content for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Extended Reality, Games, and video content.

Full-time permanent position

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UI/UX Engineer

You produce innovative and advanced user interfaces; you design engaging and motivating learner experiences in the context of digital learning and training; and organise UI/UX evaluations with LMDDC's partners.

Full-time permanent position

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